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What is a QDRO?

A QDRO is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, and is a specialized order required in a marital property settlement matter relating to divorce or child support that apportions a retirement account between the two parties to the action. Trust Gary A Nagler, PLLC, an experienced QDRO attorney for a QDRO prepared by an attorney, not a team of paralegals or other non-lawyers.

What Do We Do?

qdro preparation services qualified domestic relations order


As a part of a settlement in a divorce or similar action, the retirement account is often the most substantial asset between the two parties, and care should be taken that the apportionment and execution of this part of the property division is completed properly…
division of 401k divorce retirement benefits


From time to time, certain aspects of the division of the marital estate with regard to a 401(k), pension or other type of retirement plan may require the testimony of an expert in such matters, and Gary A. Nagler can provide such testimony …
defined contribution plan defined benefit plan division of pension


Most employers that maintain a tax qualified retirement plan, and some that maintain non-qualified plans, will at some time receive a Qualified Domestic Relations Order for execution under the Plan. Although some larger plan vendors and consultants…

Gary A. Nagler, PLLC prepares division orders for all types of plans, qualified, both defined contribution and defined benefit in nature, non-qualified, corporate, military, Federal, and quasi-qualified plans such as 403(b) and 457 plans, and has a full understanding of the differences and issues that arise under particular plan designs.

Why Gary A. Nagler, PLLC?

experienced qdro drafting services by Gary Nagler


The experience of Gary A. Nagler, PLLC with the qualification and design of all forms of retirement plans allows it to understand and deal with plan nuances that may not be evident to other service providers.
qdro prepared by an attorney


Your QDRO is drafted by an experienced attorney with over 35 years’ experience providing legal support to corporate clients and family law firms, both with regard to general employee benefits or ERISA matters and the preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.
marital property settlement


You can rely on Gary A. Nagler, PLLC for prompt, personal and professional service to help you bring your marital dissolution case to its finalization.


Although I am an attorney who practices matrimonial law in the State of New York, I turn to Gary when I have issues and questions related to the distribution of retirement benefits between divorcing spouses…

ESQUIRE, Jackson Heights, New York

I have a multi-faceted practice, which includes family law matters, and whenever I feel further counsel is advisable with regard to employee benefit issues arising in property divisions, I know I can count on Gary Nagler for his expert advice…

Koehler Law Firm, P.C., Meridian, Texas

As an attorney who works daily with employee benefit programs, Gary Nagler has a knowledge base and understanding that sets him apart from others that advertise services with regard to Qualified Domestic Relations Orders…

Schnurr Law Firm, P.L.L.C., Houston, Texas

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