When in my family law practice I am in need of a QDRO expert, whether for consulting services, QDRO preparation, or expert witness testimony, there is no one I would recommend more highly than Gary Nagler. We have worked together in many capacities for at least 20 years, and in all that time, he has never disappointed me, and has always helped me to attain positive results for my clients. His knowledge in the employee benefits area is invaluable and as far as I have found, unparalleled. Whether you have needs for a simple QDRO preparation or something more complex, the fact that he is an attorney with a concentration in employee benefit law makes him stand out over others who are just QDRO preparers. I can recommend him without reservation.

– STUART WILSON, Stuart N. Wilson & Associates, P.C., Houston, Texas

I have utilized the services of Gary Nagler for over 10 years, having his firm prepare Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for our clients, as well as both having functioned for me in a consulting role with regard to employee benefit plan issues and acting as an expert witness where necessary. All of the services he provides have been extremely professional and have resulted in positive outcomes for my clients. He is professional, timely, and in my opinion, and that of others to whom I have recommended him, is an expert in his field, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him in any similar matters for which you may need these services.

– LYNN KAMIN, Jenkins & Kamin, LLP, Houston, Texas

As an attorney who works daily with employee benefit programs, Gary Nagler has a knowledge base and understanding that sets him apart from others that advertise services with regard to Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. The fact that he can stand behind his work, as a licensed attorney, is a definite positive, and we have worked together numerous times, always with a positive result. He is a true professional and once you engage him, he will work diligently until the final outcome is achieved. I have no reservation in recommending his services.

– ELYSSA SCHNURR, Schnurr Law Firm, P.L.L.C., Houston, Texas

I have a multi-faceted practice, which includes family law matters, and whenever I feel further counsel is advisable with regard to employee benefit issues arising in property divisions, I know I can count on Gary Nagler for his expert advice. Gary’s overall knowledge of the employee benefits area goes far beyond the simple preparation of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, as he is a partner in any situation for which I request his counsel, ensuring that any nuances that relate to the division of what may be the primary asset of the marriage are not missed. The bottom line is I know my clients are receiving the best advice not only in the areas that are my expertise, but also as to any retirement or similar division. Gary Nagler is the right person to turn to for assistance with regard to retirement based asset issues and divisions.

– NATALIE COBB KOEHLER, Koehler Law Firm, P.C., Meridian, Texas

Although I am an attorney who practices matrimonial law in the State of New York, I turn to Gary when I have issues and questions related to the distribution of retirement benefits between divorcing spouses. Since these issues involve federal law, the fact that Gary and I practice in different states is not a problem. Gary has vast experience in dividing these assets which require an order separate from a divorce judgment called a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO or quadro). While many matrimonial attorneys turn to local companies to prepare these orders, it is wonderful having an actual attorney to turn to in order to explain what is involved in a particular case. Also, besides Gary’s great knowledge and expertise, he is also very articulate and has an excellent manner which makes working with him an absolute pleasure every time. Thank you, Gary!

– DEBORAH G. FISS, ESQUIRE, Jackson Heights, New York