There are many areas where errors can be made in the preparation of a QDRO if you are not utilizing the services of a qualified firm to prepare the order.  Examples of these are:

  • Incorrect naming of plan.
  • Not understanding if a plan is defined benefit or defined contribution in nature, as significantly different provisions are required.
  • Providing for a separate interest for the alternate payee in the case where the participant is already in pay status as a retiree under a defined benefit plan.
  • Awards that may exceed the balance in the participant’s account.
  • Providing for an apportionment to the alternate payee that does not consider the vesting of the participant’s account, i.e. plans will normally not accept a QDRO that attempts to apportion non-vested account balances.
  • Lack of consideration of a loan where one exists under the participant’s account.
  • Providing for a QDRO provision that violates plan terms, e.g. requiring an immediate distribution to the alternate payee where the plan only allows for payment at the participant’s earliest retirement date.
  • Specifying a form of payment that is not provided for in the plan, e.g. requiring a lump sum distribution in a pension plan.

These are merely examples of the many issues that can arise in the preparation of a QDRO that can result in its denial of qualification.  The use of Gary A. Nagler, P.L.L.C., a law firm whose services are concentrated in the ERISA/employee benefits area, can avoid these issues.

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